Projekt "Yes, we also can" w ramach programu "Młodzież w działaniu" nr PL-13-034-2013-R3

Akcja 1.3. - "Młodzież w demokracji", Termin realizacji: 12.01.2014 r. - 31.12.2014 r.


The summary of the project

 The project Yes, we also can was conducted in the program Youth in Action, Youth in Democracy, Action 1.3.  It was carried out in two partner countries Poland/Suwałki and the UK/Edinburgh. The main objective of the project was to activate the youth in Suwałki to act in their democratic, local community. With the help of the Scottish partner the Polish youth managed to find out various youth organizations working in the region as well as making the local authorities become aware of the need of Youth Council in Suwałki.

Thanks to the project the participants could share their experiences of living in a democratic young society with their partners by participating in numerous non-formal learning workshops, dramas, and debates. They discussed their problems, fears and hopes connected with acting creatively in a local society. The topic of the project was youth in democracy. All the actions taken in the project concerned encouraging young people to participate in local community either by joining non-governmental organizations/youth organizations or by cooperating with youth representatives of the local authorities. There were 56 young people participating in the project, which lasted 354 days We  received 31 995 Euros from the EU. Thanks to the money we were able to accomplish all of the planned goals. We made two mobilities: one in Poland and one in Scotland.

We published the brochure on how to become and stay active in the local community and a photo gallery with us in  action. We showed the steps how to set up a youth organization and the participants of the project expressed their views on the advantages of being involved in EU projects. Also, we prepared an evaluation conference at which we talked about the results of the surveys, conducted among young people, on the necessity of establishing Youth Council in Suwalki. We invited the local authorities to the conference and our voice was heard and the Town Hall promised to introduce our idea in the nearest future.


Galeria zdjęć projektu "Yes, we also can"

Wizyta studyjna w Edynburgu

Yes, we also can - Szkocja

Yes, we also can - warsztaty SOK

Yes, we also can - urzędy

Yes, we also can - warsztat w III LO


Koordynatorzy projektu: Beata Szczecina, Marcin Hościłowicz


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